Mayra Bueno Silva responds to recent criticism from Julianna Pena: “I will kill you”

By Harry Kettle - November 16, 2023

UFC title contender Mayra Bueno Silva has responded to recent criticism from divisional rival Julianna Pena.

Julianna Pena posing

At UFC 297, Mayra Bueno Silva and Raquel Pennington will battle it out over the UFC women’s bantamweight championship. They will do so after Amanda Nunes vacated the belt, which she recaptured in her dominant rematch win over Julianna Pena.

Ever since then, Pena has been calling for another crack at the belt. However, as a result of her not being ready to compete just yet, she’ll have to sit back and watch as a new queen is crowned in January.


In recent weeks, Pena has been pretty critical of the matchup and what it means for the division. In response, Mayra Bueno Silva had some pretty strong remarks for the former champ.

Silva sends a message to Pena

“Hey, Julianna, I will kill you.”

“Look, the girl thinks she’s the champion but she’s not the champion,” Silva said. “Can someone please tell her she lost the last fight [against Amanda Nunes]? When she had an opportunity, she ran away from Amanda. Now she ran again. You know the toy, the chicken you squeeze and the chicken, ‘squawk squawk,’ Julianna is like that. Julianna only talks bulls***. She’s not a great fighter. She runs from every opportunity. She’s a noisy chicken.”

“I will take this belt, I will finish Raquel, I knock out Raquel, and then I’ll show Julianna who is a cheater,” Bueno Silva said. “I’ll punch her too much. I don’t know if she wants to fight. She wants to talk. She doesn’t want to fight, because she ran from Amanda and now she ran again.”

“I will think about my life when I finish Julianna Peña,” Bueno Silva said. “This thing starts when I finish Julianna Peña, because my focus is on Raquel, but my belt is really my belt when I finish Julianna Peña.”

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