Mayra Bueno Silva vows to “smash” Julianna Pena following her comments after failed drug test

By Cole Shelton - August 23, 2023

Mayra Bueno Silva is ready to smash Julianna Pena.

Mayra Bueno Silva, Julianna Pena

On Tuesday, Bueno Silva revealed she tested positive for a USADA-banned substance leading up to her fight with Holly Holm. According to the Brazilian, she says the banned substance was for ADHD as she makes it clear she would never take any performance-enhancing drugs.

“I want to begin by saying I have never in my life taken a substance to enhance my ability in or outside the cage. I have tested positive for a substance that is consistent with the prescription medication I take for my ADHD,” part of Bueno Silva’s statement.

After Mayra Bueno Silva announced she tested positive, Julianna Pena took to social media to blast the Brazilian and called her a cheater.

“#CHEATara, living up to your nickname. Back to being a curtain jerker of an Apex card you go. You fought two 41yr olds this year and you had to cheat in order to get it done. Can’t pass a #drugtest? Keep my name out of your mouth ya dumb broad!,” Pena wrote.

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Now, following Julianna Pena’s comments, Mayra Bueno Silva spoke to James Lynch of MiddleEasy and vowed to smash the former UFC champion for what she had to say. She also makes it clear she wouldn’t want to finish Pena, but would rather dominate her for 25 minutes to prove a point.

“She talk bullshit too much. I promise, I will smash Julianna, I don’t finish, I don’t go finish Julianna, I don’t go knock out Julianna, I go smash Julianna for five rounds, five rounds. She needs help because I will smash her… I will smash Julianna, I promise, I don’t go finish, I don’t knock out Julianna, I will smash Julianna for five rounds because she don’t know what she’s talking about. She don’t know what happens with people with ADHD,” Mayra Bueno Silva said.

Mayra Bueno Silva was coming off a submission win over Holly Holm which will now likely be overturned to a No Contest. Prior to that, she submitted Lina Lansberg as the Brazilian is on a four-fight win streak.


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