Michael Bisping rips “biggest cheating mother****r” Yoel Romero

By bjpenndotcom - November 17, 2016

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has always been a strong opposer of PEDs in MMA. When it comes to the topic, ‘The Count’ is never afraid to speak his mind on the matter, frequently throwing shade at fighters, especially ones he has fought, who have failed drug tests.

ufc middleweight champion Michael Bisping

On the heels of Yoel Romero’s phenomenal UFC 205 win over Chris Weidman this past Saturday, Bisping wants Romero to be drug tested once per week leading up to their fight given that he has failed a drug test in the past. With that being said, Romero’s failed drug test was deemed the result of tainted supplements, and resulted in only a brief suspension.

Yoel Romero

Despite that, Bisping isn’t willing to forget about the situation just yet. He spoke on Sirius XM:

“One thing is this — he’s the biggest cheating mother (expletive) in the whole sport I’d say,” Bisping told Sirius XM this week. “Every single fight, there’s some kind of cheating. This time it was the eyes and the water over his body again just like in the Tim Kennedy fight or he grabs the fence or he tests positive.

“We’ve still got to see what his test results are yet. If that’s going to be my next fight, I’m more than happy to do it. I want to face one of the top contenders, I am the champion and I have to do that. That makes me happy.”

“The other thing I would say is that is one, very stringent drug testing throughout camp. I definitely want him randomly tested once a week leading up to the camp because there’s all kinds of little tricks you can play these days,” Bisping said.

“Because, I’m sorry, I still don’t buy that he’s clean.”

ufc middleweight title fight

In regards to when the potential fight would take place, Bisping stated that he would like to wait until 2017 to have the fight given that he has already fought three times this year, going 3-0 over the course of just 10 months. In addition, Bisping is still rehabbing his knee from his fight with Dan Henderson, and as a result is still unable to run for the next month.


Michael Bisping