WATCH | Michael Chandler and Ric Flair get into a hilarious bar fight

By Josh Evanoff - December 6, 2023

UFC lightweight contender Michael Chandler still isn’t able to fight Conor McGregor, so a bar outing with Ric Flair will have to do.

Michael Chandler and Ric Flair

‘Iron’ is currently awaiting his next fight, having not been seen in the cage since a loss to Dustin Poirier well over a year ago. Since then, Michael Chandler has been stuck on the sidelines due to Conor McGregor. Since his UFC debut in 2021, the former Bellator champion has called for a fight with ‘The Notorious’. Earlier this year, Dana White announced that the two would fight at some point in 2023.

The two famously coached the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter earlier this year as well. Despite their time on the show, the two aren’t any closer to booking a fight. As of late, Conor McGregor has called to fight Michael Chandler at UFC 300 in April, but that’s far from confirmed. In fact, John Kavanagh has stated that the promotion is now aiming the fight for the summer.

Regardless of when Michael Chandler returns, he is seemingly enjoying his time on the sidelines. Earlier today, a video emerged of the UFC lightweight contender getting into a “bar fight” with Ric Flair. ‘The Nature Boy’ was seen in the video berating the former Bellator champion at the start of the video itself.

The AEW superstar then began to put his hands on Michael Chandler. Ric Flair =punched him, and the UFC lightweight contender then slapped the 74-year-old. He then double-legged the retired wrestler, and that’s where the video ends. Clearly, the video itself was done in jest by the two friends, as others began to laugh near the end of the clip.



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As previously mentioned, the video itself was clearly a joke. While it’s not known when their friendship began, Michael Chandler and Ric Flair have been seen together in the past. ‘Iron’ has also cut more than a few professional wrestling-style promos in his brief UFC run as well.

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time that Michael Chandler and Ric Flair have done a comedic skit together. Last month, the two stars appeared in a Carshield advertisement together. In the video, the retired WWE legend quizzes the UFC lightweight on the perks of using the company. Based on the two clips, the two clearly have comedic chops and good timing with one another.

Suffice it to say, there is no real bad blood between Michael Chandler and Ric Flair. In terms of the former, he’s still attempting to score a date for his long-awaited lightweight clash with Conor McGregor. Meanwhile, ‘The Nature Boy’ signed a deal to appear on AEW television starting earlier this year.

What do you make of this video featuring Michael Chandler and Ric Flair? Did you fall for the two’s comedic skit? Or did you know it was a work the whole time?


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