UFC 297 Results: Neil Magny TKO’s Mike Malott in Round 3 (Video)

By Chris Taylor - January 20, 2024

We have you covered for all of tonight’s UFC 297 results, including the welterweight bout between Mike Malott and Neil Magny.

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Malott (10-1-1 MMA) will enter the contest on a six-fight winning streak, with his three most recent victories coming inside of the Octagon. The 32-year-old Canadian was last seen in action at June’s UFC 289 event, where he scored a second-round submission victory over Adam Fugitt.

Meanwhile, Neil Magny (28-11 MMA) will be looking to rebound after suffering a lopsided loss to Ian Machado Garry in his most previous effort at UFC 292. Prior to that setback, the 36-year-old veteran was coming off a split decision win over Philip Rowe.

Round one of this UFC 297 welterweight matchup begins and Mike Malott lands a push kick to the lead leg of the veteran. He lands another low kick and then a push kick to the thigh. Malott continues to chop away at the lead leg. Neil Magny is struggling to close the distance. The Canadian is just peppering him with kicks early. Malott comes over the top with a right hand. The fighters go into the clinch but quickly opt to separate. Mike Malott charges in with a 1-2. He lands a low kick on the break. Malott misses high with a head kick and Magny forces the clinch. That fight hits the cage. Malott drops for a takedown but then let’s go and separates. Neil Magny charges forward with a combination now. Malott circles out and lands a low kick. Magny responds with one to the body. One minute remains in the opening round. Malott with a low kick. He lands a left hook over the top. Magny counters with a left of his own. Mike Malott with a hard low kick. Magny looks to return. Some gestures from Magny now. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Neil Magny comes forward and lands a low kick. Mike Malott returns fire with a nice 1-2. Magny returns fire but nothing really connects. Malott goes to the body. He lands a low kick. Magny with a right hand. Malott lands another low kick. He goes to the body. Magny charges forward with a 1-2, but Malott eats it and dives on a takedown. The Canadian begins working from full guard. He opts to stand and let’s Magny do the same. Malott circles along the fence and reels off a low kick. Magny looks to engage in the clinch, but Malott lands an outside trip and takes top position on the canvas. Mike Malott is working from full guard. He passes to half guard and lands a few good shots. Malott looks to isolate an arm. Magny scrambles and gets back to full guard. Another scramble and now Malott is in full mount. He has one minute to work from the dominant position. Magny doing a good job of avoiding any real damage here. Malott works some short elbows. He postures up and rains down some punches. Magny doing a great job of hand fighting. Malott lands a few good shots to finish the round.

Round three begins and Mike Malott charges forward and lands a takedown. He immediately looks to pass to full mount. Magny defends and attempts to scramble up to his feet. Malott locks up a guillotine choke. Neil Magny escapes and gets back up to his feet. That doesn’t last long as Malott is right back in on a takedown attempt and he gets it. Three minutes remain in the fight. Malott continues to work from top position. Magny eventually scrambles free and then shoots for a takedown of his own. He gets it and begins landing some hard punches. Mike Malott rolls for a leg lock. Magny defends and continues to lands some good shots. He moves to full mount and begins raining down hard shots. Magny continues to rain down punishment. Tons of shots. The referee finally steps in. WOW!


Official UFC 297 Results: Neil Magny def. Mike Malott via TKO in Round 3

Who would you like to see Malott fight next following his victory over Magny this evening in Toronto?


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