EXCLUSIVE | Mike Perry “Alan Jouban could lose two jobs in one night!”

By Chris Taylor - November 20, 2016

‘Platinum’ Mike Perry has been making waves over the past several months.

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Prior to his UFC debut, a welterweight scrap with Hyun Gyu Lim at UFC 202, Perry made headlines for his weigh-in antics, high-fiving ring girls as he walked on stage, before then faking Lim out with a handshake.

Mike Perry

Perry would go on to earn a first-round TKO victory over Lim, wowing fight fans with his aggressive performance.

In his second UFC fight, Perry squared off against Danny Roberts in Manchester, England at UFC 204. In the contests final round, Perry delivered a knee followed up by a series of punches to finish Roberts, securing himself a 3rd round KO win.

Now, ahead of what is certainly the biggest fight of Perry’s career against Alan Jouban, he spoke with BJPenn.com’s Chris Taylor on a recent segment of ‘Rapid Fire’ to discuss a number of different topics.

One of those topics, of course, was his upcoming fight with Jouban. Perry told Taylor that Alan, who models for Versace when not fighting inside of the octagon, is risking losing two jobs by fighting him this December in Saramento. His words.

“Jouban has a bit of thing going to. So when I smash him all his fans are either going to hate me or they’re going to love me. I think they will switch sides for the most part. Some will be mad cause I beat their fighter up and they like the way he looks. But this isn’t modelling. This is fighting. You may be a model now but keep this in mind. You could lose two jobs in one night!”

Taylor asked Perry to weigh in on the Twitter exchanges he has had with Jouban leading up to their fight.

“Yea you know I let him know every now and then that I’ve been thinking about him. And that I am out here working. I mean he’s a vet, he’s been doing this a long time so I’m sure he is working to and he will be ready. I guess he was trying to pickup the Donald Cerrone fight on 205 and I was wondering ‘how small is he?’ Because he’s thinking about making 170 now. I mean I would have taken that fight to.. But me, I’m not close to 170 yet. I couldn’t have made it.”

He continued.

“But as for the social media stuff, I’m just trying to mess with him. Get in his head a little bit. He plays back. Which is funny he thinks it is a game. And it is a bit, the talking trash part. But he seems to forget that we are going to meet soon and he’s going to have to stand in front of me. We will see if all his trash-talk goes out the window because mine certainly won’t. I’ll be there and I will still be talking.”

Taylor asked Perry if he usually talks to his opponents inside the cage.

“A little bit I guess. I think I said to Danny ‘Come on you mother fucker’ or whatever. I do a lot of gestures. When he hit me I would just throw my hands or stick my chin out. Things like that. But as I go on in my career I am getting more comfortable so I feel like I can talk some trash inside and outside of the octagon.”

Who do you think will emerge victorious when Perry and Jouban square off this December? Sound off PENN Nation!


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