Mike Perry claims Luke Rockhold’s mom is rooting for him at BKFC 41: “Luke’s mom wants me to win”

By Cole Shelton - April 26, 2023

Mike Perry says Luke Rockhold’s mom will be rooting for him on Saturday night.

Mike Perry, Nick Diaz

Perry is set to headline BKFC 41 at 185lbs against Rockhold in a very intriguing matchup. It will serve as Rockhold’s BKFC debut, but he has been vocal about how confident he is ahead of the scrap. Although Rockhold is confident, Perry claims that the former UFC middleweight champ’s mom is rooting for ‘Platinum’ to win on Saturday.

According to Mike Perry, he says Luke Rockhold’s mom wants her son to retire and if Perry beats him, the former UFC champ will end his career.

“You know who wants me to win? Luke’s mom wants me to win, that’s who wants me to win,” Perry said on The MMA Hour. “So her baby boy will go home and stop this fighting shit, I’m going to send him packing, mom.”

Perry is currently the betting favorite to defeat Rockhold on Saturday night at BKFC 41. Yet, Rockhold spoke to BJPENN.com and oozed confidence as he thinks Perry is there to be hit and he will show there are levels to this.

“I think Mike bit off more than he can chew. I think he wants to test himself and I do respect that about Mike. He wants to fight a champion and wants a true test. He also wants to get paid,” Rockhold said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “I mean no one will watch him otherwise. He thinks he’s the reason why I’m here, I’m the reason people are watching, so f**k you. This is a two-way street and I’m carrying the load and Mike is my little accomplice… Mike is going to wing them and I have to be smart and use that against him and use my length and footwork and start tagging him and make him pay.”

What do you make of Mike Perry claiming Luke Rockhold’s mom is cheering for him to win at BKFC 41?


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