Mike Perry says he never considered going back to the UFC in free agency because “the pay cut would have been too massive”

By Cole Shelton - September 6, 2023

Mike Perry says he never thought about going back to the UFC during his free agency.

Mike Perry

After Perry scored a TKO win over Luke Rockhold at BKFC 41 in April of this year, he had fought out his deal with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Immediately, many fans were curious to see if he would go back to the UFC or if he would stay with BKFC.

Ultimately, Mike Perry signed a multi-fight deal to remain with the BKFC and he says he never thought about going back to the UFC for a few reasons.

“No, because the pay cut would have been too massive. So, it’s like, whatever and it’s five-minute rounds, and it’s MMA. I like boxing. I mean all I ever did, I know I trained lots of stuff I would get kind of good at grappling, wrestling, or whatever in certain positions, I’m fighting a fight where they are like get a takedown,” Mike Perry said on The MMA Hour.

“You know I’m thinking about hitting him right? I understand it’s not an excuse and I should ultimately fight how I want to fight,” Perry continued. “I’m the fighter, I’m the athlete, I’m the one getting in there. So, that’s how I train now I get in the ring and I fight my way now and I practice for it that way. Bare knuckle was a no-brainer.”

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Along with the pay, being able to not worry about wrestling and grappling was intriguing for Mike Perry who has always wanted to stand-and-bang with people. In BKFC he can do just that, which is why he decided to re-sign with the promotion.

Along with fighting in BKFC, the promotion also allows him to take boxing fights when he wants. With that, Mike Perry is the backup fighter for Dillon Danis should he not show up for his match against Logan Paul. As for his next BKFC fight, Mike Perry is still waiting on his next assignment.


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