Mike Perry wants to fight Jorge Masvidal in bare-knuckle boxing: “The people would really love to see us”

By Fernando Quiles - December 6, 2023

Mike Perry holds Jorge Masvidal in high regard, but he wouldn’t hesitate to fight “Gamebred.”

Mike Perry Jorge Masvidal

Perry has somewhat become the face of bare-knuckle boxing. “Platinum” has gone 4-0 under the BKFC banner, defeating Julian Lane, Michael Page, Luke Rockhold, and most recently former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

Masvidal has retired from pro MMA competition. With that said, “Gamebred” recently revealed that he plans on entering the world of boxing. Whether or not he’ll compete under bare-knuckle rules remains to be seen, but Masvidal has promoted bare-knuckle fighting events.


Mike Perry vs. Jorge Masvidal?

During an appearance on MMAFighting.com‘s “The MMA Hour,” Mike Perry shared his belief that a bare-knuckle showdown with Jorge Masvidal would be massive for combat sports.

“I have the utmost respect for Jorge Masvidal,” Perry said on The MMA Hour. “That’s kind of why that callout, that name has never happened. I did see him at his promotion at a fight, and we talked about it. I was little bit drunk, and I was like, ‘The people would really love to see us, and all love, and we’d make a bag for the family and it’s all just for the sport.’

“Obviously, he’s done, and he’s already done these great things. I grew up watching him and Kimbo [Slice] on YouTube. I grew up and seen him. Who’s the only other person who’s not in BKFC, but has experience in bare-knuckle boxing that would be a megafight.”

Perry is one who isn’t afraid to get into firefights with some of MMA’s most vicious strikers. Masvidal is no exception, and “Platinum” thinks it would be a legacy fight for the fans.

“He’s a killer. We’ve seen him literally kill people in MMA, and it’s not wrestling. I’m not going to try to strategize a way through. It’s all out of respect. I like Masvidal. I would like to say that we’re friends. I’m just trying to think of the biggest fight, and it’s that one, because we’re both dangerous.”


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