WATCH | Mike Perry calls UFC exec to pitch his return fight at UFC 300

By Cole Shelton - January 11, 2024

Mike Perry is ready to be a part of UFC 300 if needed.

Mike Perry

Perry is currently in BKFC and has become the face of the promotion, but he does have some interest in making a big fight happen at UFC 300. Perry currently does not have his next fight booked, so while on his Overdogs Podcast he called UFC executive Hunter Campbell to pitch him on his return fight for UFC 300.

Mike Perry called Campbell and asked to fight Nate Diaz at UFC 300, as he believes it would be a fan-friendly fight for the fans.

“Mike Perry-Nate Diaz should be on UFC 300. He said there’s no one to fight, like hi. I got Mick Maynard’s number, I’m going to call his ass and be like put me and Nate on 300… It’s not Mick Maynard, it’s Hunter Campbell,” Perry says before putting the phone call on speaker.

Hunter Campbell: What’s up you lunatic.

Mike Perry: Nate Diaz says there’s no one to fight on UFC 300. I’m saying me and Nate, y’all could bring me back for a little purse and then throw in the PPV points, and then we could have a great show for UFC 300.

Campbell: I’ve got a better idea: Why don’t you call f******g, why don’t your guys talk to f*****g Nate and get him to go over and fight you there (in BKFC)?

Perry: I don’t think he wants to do the bare-knuckle thing. He wants a better shot with the jiu-jitsu and the full game (of MMA).

Hunter Campbell then praised Mike Perry saying he and Dana White were just talking about how well he was doing in BKFC and how he was made for it. However, with Perry under contract in BKFC, the UFC exec says the fight with Nate Diaz won’t be happening in the Las Vegas promotion and instead, if it ever happens will have to be in boxing or BKFC.

Since going to BKFC in 2022, Perry is a perfect 4-0 and coming off a TKO win over Eddie Alvarez for the ‘King of Violence’ Belt. Before that, he scored a stoppage win over Luke Rockhold and also holds decision wins over Michael Page and Julian Lane. Who and when he will fight next in BKFC is uncertain, but he does appear interested in Nate Diaz.


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