Eddie Alvarez hoping for longshot clash against Nate Diaz in BKFC: “Would be f*cking beautiful”

By Josh Evanoff - May 1, 2023

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez has his next opponent in mind.

‘The Underground King’ is fresh off his BKFC debut over the weekend against Chad Mendes. In that outing, the two put on a show. The two former UFC stars traded multiple knockdowns in the five-round affair, with Alvarez picking up the split-decision victory.

Following the win, the former UFC titleholder stated his intention to compete in the BKFC ring again.  On The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Alvarez cast light on who his next opponent could be. There, he called out Nate Diaz. The Stockton native recently booked his boxing debut against Jake Paul for August.

Eddie Alvarez stated on The MMA Hour that he’s long wanted to fight Nate Diaz. However, the bout has failed to come to fruition, and he believes that under a new ruleset and promotion, it might. While Alvarez is aware that Diaz is slated to fight ‘The Problem Child’, he believes that BKFC might be able to attract the former UFC superstar.

Chad Mendes, Eddie Alvarez, BKFC 41

Eddie Alvarez calls out Nate Diaz for BKFC clash

“Dude, I feel like I’m beating a dead horse. But I think me and Nate Diaz in this would be like, but he doesn’t want to fight me,” Eddie Alvarez stated on The MMA Hour. “I’m convinced, and I have no idea why. I have no clue why, but he will not fight me. And I’m like, maybe this, because like, I won’t take him down and beat him up. He’s always concerned about wrestlers taking him down, he thinks that’s cheating in a fight if you take him down or kick him.”

He continued, “So like this, this is bare-knuckle, this is all we’re doing. I think me and Nate would be f*cking beautiful… Just bring me a big fight that fans are excited about.”

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