Nate Diaz calls for New Year’s Eve boxing rematch against Jake Paul: “Trilogy is in Mma”

By Cole Shelton - October 9, 2023

Nate Diaz is hoping to run it back with Jake Paul before the end of the year.

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz

Diaz and Paul boxed back in August and it was ‘The Problem Child’ who won a one-sided decision to return to the win column. After the fight, Paul called for a rematch but wanted to do it in MMA under the PFL brand. He has since doubled down on the offer, as on The Full Send Podcast, Paul explained why he thinks Diaz turned down the MMA rematch.

“I think it’s too big of a risk, right? 10 million dollars but if he loses to me, it’s legacy, he’s gonna get made fun of. He felt the power. I don’t think he can take me down. It’s kind of a lose-lose situation for him. That’s why behind the scenes, on the business side of things, he’s making outrageous number claims and negotiations and wanting such unrealistic things. It’s like Nate is ducking me,” Paul said on The Full Send Podcast.

After seeing the clip, Nate Diaz took to X and blasted Jake Paul for thinking he’s ducking him in MMA. Instead, Diaz says he wants a rematch in boxing and after he wins that, the trilogy will be in MMA.

“Your full of shit I didn’t ask for shit I’ll fight u tomorrow n Mma the problem is u suck and I don’t work for pussyFL dumbass u do. Rematch is in boxing trilogy is in Mma u need time to train anyway u suck New Year’s Eve is good,” Diaz tweeted.

As of right now, Jake Paul has yet to respond to Nate Diaz’s latest request and whether or not he will is uncertain. Also, whether or not a boxing rematch would sell given how one-sided the first fight is to be seen.

Prior to the boxing match with Paul, Nate Diaz submitted Tony Ferguson at UFC 279 in the final fight of his UFC deal.


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