Noche UFC Results: Valentina Shevchenko vs. Alexa Grasso 2 ends in a split draw (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - September 16, 2023

We have you covered for all of tonight’s Noche UFC results, including the main event rematch between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko.

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Grasso (16-3 MMA) will be looking to earn her first title defense when she takes to the Octagon this evening. The 30-year-old captured the promotion’s flyweight world title this past March at UFC 285, when she upset ‘The Bullet’ by way of fourth-round submission. That win marked Alexa’s fifth in a row, as she previously defeated the likes of Kim Ji-yeon, Maycee Barber, Joanne Wood and Viviane Araujo.

Meanwhile, Valentina Shevchenko (23-4 MMA) enters tonight’s headliner with redemption on her mind. Prior to being submitted by Alexa Grass earlier this year, ‘The Bullet’ was riding a nine-fight win streak which included seven consecutive title defenses.

Round one of the Noche UFC main event begins and Valentina Shevchenko lands a body kick followed by a good 1-2. Grasso attempts to responds with a 1-2 of her own but it falls short. Shevchenko with another body kick. The ladies exchange shots in center cage. Grasso with a low kick. A straight left-hand lands for Shevchenko. Grasso defends a shot and lands a knee. A front kick to the body from ‘The Bullet’. Shevchenko gets the body lock and spins her down into half guard position. One minute remains. Valentina moves to mount. Alexa Grasso scrambles and is able to stand. Shevchenko pressing her against the fence. The trade knees inside.

Round two of the Noche UFC headliner begins and Valentina Shevchenko lands a nice 1-2. Alexa Grasso with a  combo but it is blocked. Shevchenko clinches but can’t do anything with the position. Shevchenko with another 1-2. A nice straight left, but Grasso answers with a counter right in combination that sends ‘The Bullet’ to the canvas. Shevchenko desperately ties up and absorbs a heavy flurry but manages to survive and get back to range. A nice double leg puts her on top in guard Grasso looks to sweep but can’t. Alexa is preventing Shevchenko from posturing up. Shevchenko stands over her, eats an upkick. Kicking at each other’s legs. Shevchenko misses an axe kick. Shevchenko re-enters guard. Grasso lands some punches from off of her back to close out the round

Round three of the Noche UFC main event begins and Valentina Shevchenko opens with a low kicks. A nice 1-2 from the former champ. She lands a right hook. The ladies exchange jabs. A big punch now from Grasso. A solid double leg puts Shevchenko back on top in half guard. She takes side control and Grasso tries to scramble up, only to get caught in a guillotine. Shevchenko forces her down into mount and squeezes the choke. Somehow Grasso survives and escapes the position. Shevchenko maintaining back control. Grasso trying to turn into guard. Shevchenko with some short punches. Grasso nearly to guard, makes it with 10 seconds on the clock and waits out an armbar attempt.

Round four of the Noche UFC headliner begins and Valentina Shevchenko comes forward with a flurry. Grasso tries a head kick but it falls shots. Jabs from Shevchenko. Grasso with a low kick. A nice 1-2 lands for Shevchenko. Good jabs from the former champ. She shoots, Grasso sprawls and lands knees to the head as Shevchenko tries to put her hand on the canvas. Good jabs from both. Grasso with a low kick. A hard right hook by Shevchenko, who eats a low kick. Shevchenko gets double underhooks for another takedown. Grasso got cut near the left eye at some point. She rolls for a heel hook at the bell but it results in nothing.

Official Noche UFC Results: Valentina Shevchenko vs. Alexa Grasso ends in split draw (48-47, 47-48, 47-47)

Who would you like to see Grass fight next following tonight’s result in Las Vegas?


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