Sage Northcutt weighs in on ONE vs. UFC debate: “ONE’s kicking butt. They’re taking names.”

By BJPENN.COM Staff - November 14, 2023

Sage Northcutt believes that ONE Championship’s unique approach to martial arts gives it an edge over the UFC.

Sage Northcutt

It cannot be denied that both promotions have largely divided the world of martial arts. While the UFC has long been considered the dominant force in the West, ONE Championship has risen to prominence as the leading organization in the East.

This rivalry has fueled debates among fans and pundits alike. But for Northcutt, ONE’s diverse offering appeals to a broader audience, providing a rich tapestry of martial arts styles to enjoy.

The UFC primarily focuses on MMA. On the other hand, ONE goes beyond the all-encompassing sport, showcasing other disciplines.

“They got submission grappling, Muay Thai, kickboxing. The range is so diverse with the best guys in the world. Now, it’s one of the most exciting organizations in the whole world,” Northcutt said.

Northcutt also underscored the impressive roster ONE has assembled, featuring World Champions from various combat sports.

“You look at the roster of athletes. I believe ONE Championship has the most World Champions out of any organization in the world. I wouldn’t doubt if ONE had the most World Champions if you combined every organization together against ONE. Plus, they have top-level fighters, top-level strikers,” he stated.

Sage Northcutt vouches for ONE Championship’s growing U.S. presence

As someone residing in the United States, Sage Northcutt has witnessed ONE Championship’s growing influence in the Western market.

According to “Super,” ONE has been creating a buzz among American fans, a sentiment that gained momentum when the promotion held its first extravaganza in the U.S. last May.

Moreover, the consistent monthly airing of live events on Amazon’s Prime Video has further strengthened ONE’s presence among the American audience.

“I think it’s pretty big, especially when you’re talking about coming over from overseas into the U.S. The Americans are getting to see something different. You get to see different styles of martial arts, not just MMA,” Northcutt said.

“Now, you hear people talking about, ‘Wow, ONE’s going to take over the UFC. ONE’s kicking butt, they’re taking names.’”

Looking ahead, Northcutt is poised to be a key figure as ONE plans to host four shows in the U.S. next year.

It’s worth noting that Northcutt competed on ONE’s inaugural U.S. card, where he submitted Ahmed Mujtaba with a heel hook in just 39 seconds.


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