Renato Moicano says Paddy Pimblett’s weight gains between fights will be “very detrimental” to his career: “Look how fat he is!”

By Susan Cox - January 8, 2024

Renato Moicano says Paddy Pimblett’s weight gains between fights will be ‘very detrimental’ to his UFC career.

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Pimblett (21-3 MMA) most recently fought and defeated Tony Ferguson (25-10 MMA) in a lightweight battle this past December at UFC 296. The 29-year-old has won all 5 of his fights since joining the UFC in 2021.

Paddy recently posted a New Year’s Message to ‘X‘, with a picture of himself and his expectant wife Laura Gregory.

It’s not new that ‘The Baddy’ has been criticized for weight fluctuations in the past, and once again it’s being brought into the limelight, this time by Renato Moicano (17-5 MMA).

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Moicano, after viewing the picture of Pimblett and his wife commented:

“Somebody sent me this picture of this motherf**ker, Paddy Pimblett. Look how fat he is. I cannot believe how big he gets between fights. I’m not even joking. He fought Dec. 16, so less than three weeks my brother, and now he’s looking like an old retired fighter, my brother.”

Continuing, the 34 year old said:

“It’s not only that time, it’s every time we see Paddy Pimblett. We see he fights, and he just becomes obese after the fights, and I think that’s going to be very detrimental for his career.”

“If you’re training at 190, 185, too big in your training camp – remember, on fight day you can’t recover that much, and some people gas out. They’re so worried about the weight, you’re training so much, and you’re not thinking about fighting, you’re just thinking about weight loss.” 

Paddy Pimblett

Renato Moicano believes Paddy Pimblett is putting his career and health in jeopardy:

“You have to be in shape, otherwise, you’re messing with your whole system. You should take care of your healthy brother. As a lightweight walking with 190, it’s not like it’s muscle, the guy is round, my brother. Look at his face. That’s never going to be a good thing, to gain that much weight and get that crazy fluctuation in weight.”

Concluding, Moicano is suggesting perhaps the Brit needs to be on a diet program (h/t MMAJunkie):

“He definitely should consider joining a diet program. We have to remember that after our careers, we’re going to be regular people just living. If you’re doing that as an athlete, imagine when you stop fighting because 100 percent you’re not going to be training like you’re training today.”

Or, perhaps Pimblett is merely gaining weight along with his wife in anticipation of their upcoming bundle of joy.

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