Parker Porter looking for redemption against Junior Tafa at UFC Singapore: “I see some holes in his wrestling ability”

By Cole Shelton - August 22, 2023

Parker Porter is looking to get some redemption for his KO loss to Justin Tafa back in February.

Parker Porter

Porter entered that fight with a ton of confidence but got caught early in the first round and knocked out. Although it was his second straight loss, he rebounded nicely back in May with a first-round TKO win over Braxton Smith, and the hope was to return at UFC 292 in Boston.

“It just happened to be the date they offered. I was really hoping to be on that Boston card but it is what it is. You go where the bossman says to go,” Porter said on Just Scrap Radio on

Although Parker Porter didn’t get to fight in Boston, he feels his fight at UFC Singapore is a shot at redemption. Porter gets to fight Junior Tafa, the younger brother of Justin, who he lost to back in February.

With the fight happening back in February, Porter knew a rematch wouldn’t happen, but he says this is the next best thing to get that loss back.

“A little bit of both, it is just the next guy on the path. But, I’m always looking at a shot for redemption. Obviously, the fight didn’t go the way I wanted it to, I was a lot more prepared than I got to show and I made one little mistake with a guy with a lot of powers and I paid the price for it,” Porter said.

Against Junior Tafa at UFC Singapore, Parker Porter expects to use his wrestling to control the fight and eventually get a stoppage win. He knows Junior has power, but he believes he will eventually get the takedown and earn a stoppage win.

“I see some holes in his wrestling ability and takedown defense, not so much takedown defense but in his ability to control where he is in the Octagon. We are obviously going to exploit every chink in the armor we see,” Porter said.

Should Parker Porter get the stoppage win over Junior Tafa at UFC Singapore he’s after, he believes it could get him someone in the rankings, or just near the rankings.

“I think it puts me in line for harder fights, potentially looking at guys near the rankings or ranked guys. I don’t look past the person in front of me, so I haven’t thought too much about it.  But, it puts me in a good spot to fight more challenging guys that aren’t in the rankings,” Porter concluded.

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