Former UFC champion Rampage Jackson in talks to face former Ultimate Fighter foe in return

By Josh Evanoff - July 21, 2023

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson is again targeting Darill Schoonover.

Rampage Jackson

The former titleholder was last seen at Bellator 237 against Fedor Emelianenko. In the December 2019 bout, Rampage Jackson suffered a first-round knockout loss. That fight was the last on his Bellator contract, and the promotion declined to re-sign him after the defeat.

Nearly four years later, the former UFC champion is looking to return. Now a representative for the UFL, he intends to compete in the cage in December in a comeback fight. Having lost over 35 pounds preparing for his return, Rampage Jackson is eyeing Darill Schoonover as his comeback opponent.

The two famously butted heads on the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter. While Rampage Jackson was coaching against Rashad Evans, he instead took time to mock Schoonover. The bad blood led to some very intense moments between the two, but it never escalated beyond words.

In an interview with MiddleEasy, Rampage Jackson revealed that talks are ongoing for the fight. For his part, Darill Schoonover hasn’t fought since a 2015 knockout loss.



“I’m in talks now with ‘titties’, I mean, Darrill Schoonover,” Rampage Jackson told MiddleEasy. “I’m in talks right now with his brother. His brother hit me up and I’m seeing if Darrill’s interested in fighting. If Darrill beat me in this fight, I would never call him titties again. Never ever would I even mutter the word titties and him in the same sentence again. In the same sentence, I would never do that again.” (h/t MiddleEasy)

“We was on the show, ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and I can’t remember exactly how the beef started. Him and I, we was pretty cool and truth be told at first, he didn’t mind the nickname ‘Titties’. But I think it got outta hand, it just got outta control. People call me a bully and, and I don’t believe making fun of someone that made fun of you is bullying. I just feel like I won the banter and so now I’m a bully. The world’s gotten so soft… But, I was going to fight him on the show ’cause he got in my face and I don’t forget that.”

What do you make of these comments? Do you want to see Rampage Jackson return?


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