Rampage Jackson takes aim at Daniel Cormier for comments about slam KO at UFC Austin: “Did he not watch PRIDE FC?”

By Fernando Quiles - December 4, 2023

MMA legend Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has a refresher for Daniel Cormier in the aftermath of UFC Austin.

Quinton Rampage Jackson Daniel Cormier

Cormier was on the call along with fellow UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping and play-by-play man Brendan Fitzgerald. It’s not often in MMA that you get to see a fighter land a KO slam, let alone seeing two UFC fighters score finishes in that fashion on the same show, back-to-back. That’s exactly what happened at UFC Austin.


Rampage Jackson Takes Exception to Daniel Cormier’s UFC Austin Commentary

During the UFC Austin prelims, Drakkar Klose took on Joe Solecki. In the first round, Solecki was fishing for an arm bar, but Klose had other plans. While in the submission attempt, Klose lifted his opponent up and slammed him down. Solecki landed right on the side of his head and he was out cold.

That fight was followed up by another KO slam, this time from Cody Brundage at the expense of Zachary Reese. Quinton Jackson is more focused on the first KO slam of the night from Drakkar Klose. More specifically, Jackson was disappointed to hear Cormier say that he’s never seen anything like that particular KO slam.

“How is Daniel Cormier (did I spell his name right) gonna say he’s never seen this? Is he new to MMA? Did he start with only the UFC? Did he not watch PRIDE FC? I need him to come on the jaxxon podcast.”

OG fight fans haven’t forgotten Jackson’s brutal against Ricardo Arona back in 2004 at a Pride FC show. It’s one of “Rampage’s” key career highlights. It’ll be interesting to see if “DC” catches wind of Jackson’s comments and if he’ll end up appearing on the Jaxxon Podcast to chop it up with the fellow MMA legend.


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