UFC Fighter escorted out of discussion at Athletes Retreat for criticizing Reebok

By Tom Taylor - May 22, 2017

Over the weekend, the UFC invited 400+ members of its talent-rich roster to the combat sports mecca of Las Vegas, Nevada for a weekend-long athletes’ retreat. Over the course of this event, there were laughs, fun and games, and even a Sunday night brawl.

Kajan Johnson speaks out against Reebok

While it was these things that kept fans entertained over the weekend, the athletes retreat did serve an actual purpose. Its function was to give the UFC’s athletes some face-time with their bosses, and make sure everyone was on the same page heading into the summer.

One of the big topics over the weekend, of course, was the UFC’s much maligned outfitting deal with Reebok, which is frequently criticized for paying most fighters far less than they’d make if they chased down their own, independent sponsors.

During a weekend discussion surrounding this Reebok deal, one brave fighter decided to speak up against what he believed to be a real injustice. That fighter was Canadian lightweight Kajan Johnson, who has fought just once since the UFC’s deal with Reebok took effect. Apparently, things got pretty tense when  he spoke up, and he was eventually bounced out of the discussion.

These reports come from Ariel Helwani, and Johnson himself.

Johnson’s comments apparently generated cheers from many of his peers. UFC veteran and frequent Reebok critic Brendan Schaub also reached out to the fighter in solidarity.

Other fighters, however, were pleased with the discussions about Reebok that occured at the retreat. One such fighter was fan favorite lightweight Joe Lauzon who said the conversation was “productive” and that “things are looking up.”

And then, of course, there are the fighters who opted not to attend the retreat at all…


What do you think of Kajan Johnson’s stand against Reebok? Was it right for the UFC to escort him out of this event?

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 5/22/2017.


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