Sean O’Malley responds to fans questioning his “star power” because of UFC 299 card: “It’s so funny”

By Harry Kettle - January 16, 2024

UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley has responded to fans questioning his star power due to the strength of the UFC 299 card.

Sean O'Malley, UFC

At UFC 299, Sean O’Malley will defend his title against Marlon Vera in a massive grudge match. In addition to that contest, the Miami event is absolutely stacked with talent from head to toe. When you take a look at it as a whole, there’s a real argument to be made that this is one of the most impressive shows the promotion has ever produced.

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Of course, this has also started a conspiracy amongst MMA fans. Many believe that the UFC is putting so many great fights on the card so that when it sells well on pay-per-view, they can point to O’Malley as a big draw being the reason.

As you can imagine, ‘Suga’ had some thoughts on that.

O’Malley’s curiosity

“Over there in China, I’m sure it’s probably very exciting,” O’Malley said of Zhang vs. Yan on his BroMalleyShow podcast. “Weili is a killer. The other girl is probably really good too. So, it’s probably gonna be a sweet fight. They always have sweet fights. Weili had a sweet fight when I fought [at UFC 292], remember?

“UFC 300’s looking good, but UFC 299…” he continued. “It’s so funny that the cards are so stacked and people wanna spin it to be, ‘See! I told you you weren’t a star. They’re really stacking your card.’ Like, wait, what? I’m confused. That means I’m not a star because they’re stacking the card?”

“It’s Miami,” O’Malley said. “Go find one Miami card they didn’t stack. Haters are weird. They’re like, ‘See, they’re trying to push you.’ It’s like, bro, I’ve fought like 12 times in the UFC. Pretty much every fight’s been on the main card — on a pay-per-view.

“Obviously, UFC’s a business, they’re making millions and billions of dollars, and I’m on every UFC pay-per-view. So, you’d think, well, maybe, there is some kind of star power there, hmm?”

Quotes via MMA Mania

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