Sean Strickland threatens to “stab” Dricus Du Plessis at the UFC 297 presser if he crosses the line: “I’m gonna go to jail”

By Susan Cox - January 15, 2024

Sean Strickland is threatening to ‘stab’ Dricus Du Plessis at the UFC 297 presser if he crosses the line.

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Strickland (28-5 MMA) will be making his first middleweight title defense against Du Plessis (20-2 MMA) this coming Saturday, January 20th at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Prior to their battle in the Octagon, Sean Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis got into it in the stands at the UFC 296 PPV last month in Las Vegas, Nevada. The no. 2 ranked Du Plessis had made comments about Strickland’s late, abusive father, which triggered a reaction by ‘Tarzan’, ending up with a seat-clearing brawl in the stands.

Well, the champion is making it known once again that should ‘Stillknocks’ cross the line at the upcoming presser, he’s not going to be responsible for what takes place.

Speaking on YouTube, Sean Strickland shared that he wouldn’t be adverse to stabbing the fighter should get out of line:

“Remember when I attacked Dricus? I actually sent him a message. Dude listen, Dricus, we’re gonna go try to murder each other, but if you bring that sh*t up again, I will (expletive) stab you. Press conference, weigh in … he was cool about it. I’m not telling you I don’t wanna fight you, Dricus, I’m not saying you’re not a good fighter. I’m just saying that’s a line that when crossed, it transcends fighting. If I go to Canada and you bring that up, guess what? I’m gonna go to jail, they’re gonna deport me and we spent eight weeks of training for no (expletive) reason.”

Concluding, Sean Strickland spoke of what occurred at UFC 297, and should he have had a gun, things could have ended differently (h/t MMAMania):

“If I had a (expletive) gun on me at that UFC (crowd) fight, if I had a gun on me bro, there’s a chance bro … there’s a chance. I don’t wanna throw away my life for something dumb. And that’s why I’m always like, ‘Hey guys, let’s just be nice to each other.’ The best thing I could do was 12-6 elbows to the back of the head, if I wanted to do the most damage. If you look in the video, right at the very end, I went to bite him. If you slow down the video, you’ll see me grab his head and I went to take a chunk out of him. I’m almost positive I got a little bit of hair in my teeth. The reason why I didn’t fully commit as I did it, I was like ‘Sean there’s no coming back from this, the moment you take a piece from him.’ Watch the video.”

What do you think of Sean Strickland’s ‘threats’ to Dricus Du Plessis? Just pre-fight shenanigans?

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