Daniel Cormier names one issue that could hinder Stipe Miocic’s performance against Jon Jones at UFC 295

By Fernando Quiles - July 9, 2023

Daniel Cormier has revealed the one issue he feels could negatively impact Stipe Miocic at UFC 295.

Stipe Miocic

Miocic is set to challenge UFC Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones. The two will meet inside Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 11. It’ll be Miocic’s first fight since he was knocked out by Francis Ngannou back in March 2021.

Daniel Cormier On What Could Impact Stipe Miocic At UFC 295

In a new video posted on his YouTube channel, Daniel Cormier discussed how fight fans will be able to tell early on if Stipe Miocic’s performance against Jon Jones is being hindered (via MMAFighting).

“This fight will be determined very early, at least in my opinion,” Cormier said. “Because we will know from the very start of the fight whether or not we are seeing the Stipe Miocic from before or if we’re seeing a slowed down version of the former champion. We’ll know that very quick.

“Because what we already know is that we do get a little bit of a slower version of Jon Jones. He is a little bit different than he was when he was a light heavyweight. No one could watch that fight with Ciryl and think any different. Because the left hand that the threw that ultimately led to the takedown was a lot slower. He even admits it — he goes ‘I gained 30 pounds, of course I’m going to be slower.’ But if Miocic is fast, if Miocic with his boxing background, Golden Gloves, is still fast, that could give Jones problems.”


Daniel Cormier continued to put emphasis on Stipe Miocic’s speed as a key factor in the fight. If Miocic is a step behind, “DC” feels it could be a routine night for Jon Jones.


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