Tim Elliott explains why he went public with accusations that Gina Mazany cheated on him with Kevin Croom

By Cole Shelton - May 31, 2023

Tim Elliott has explained why he decided to go public with accusations that Gina Mazany cheated on him with Kevin Croom.

Tim Elliott

Elliott recently took to Twitter to reveal that his ex-wife Gina Mazany cheated on him on his wedding night with his close friend and training partner, Kevin Croom. After finding that out, Elliott and Mazany got a divorce, but the UFC flyweight didn’t tell anyone for quite some time. That all changed when people kept asking him about Gina and he realized he needed to tell the truth.

“The thing is, I was the only one wearing it. My ex and the person that she is with now, they were living in my city, dating, and being cool. Everybody thought we separated because she said I wanted to force her to move to Texas, I don’t even know what the reasons were, but it wasn’t the reasons that were the real reasons,” Elliott said at UFC Vegas 74 media day. “I’d then come to my city, where I live, where my home is at and people were telling me they heard me and Gina split because of this, and in every interview, they were asking me, how’s Gina, how are you guys doing and I was lying and making up excuses to protect these guys. Every time I did that, it was hurting me, after it got out there nobody was asking me anymore.

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“Like I was getting, ‘oh are you going to Kevin Croom in his next bare-knuckle fight again’ and I had to be like ‘oh no we aren’t really cool anymore, oh Gina and I aren’t together anymore.’ They’d ask why and I was searching for excuses and lying for them to protect them and at the same time that was hurting myself, and not even myself,” Tim Elliott added.

“But what it was doing, I was shelling up and I wasn’t able to be a good dad. I’ve felt like not a great person before, I’ve felt like not a great fighter before, but I’ve never not felt like a great dad. That was something I had to change and had to change for myself and my daughter. After releasing it and getting a bunch of support – I don’t know if that is what helped – or just getting it off my chest, but I’m good and feeling like I’m back to my normal self again,” Elliott concluded.

After telling the truth, Tim Elliott says he got a ton of support from fellow fighters which he didn’t expect but was happy to receive it.

Elliott is set to return to the Octagon this Saturday at UFC Vegas 74 against Victor Altamirano.


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