Tim Elliott Responds to Henry Cejudo’s Callouts: “sorry that I beat up your team on TUF”

By Drake Riggs - February 12, 2018

Former flyweight title challenger and Olympic gold medalist, Henry Cejudo has made it very clear who he wants to fight next. That person being a fellow former title challenger at 125, The Ultimate Fighter season 24 winner, Tim Elliott. When participating on that season of TUF, Elliott was on opposite teams as he was coached by Joseph Benavidez who coached against Cejudo and his squad.

Tim Elliott

Cejudo says if there’s one person he didn’t really like during that time coaching TUF, it was definitely Elliott:

After Cejudo appeared on the MMA Hour today, he and Elliott have gone back and forth with one another on Twitter:

Elliott: Henry,I am extremely sorry that I beat up your team on “tuf” I am sorry you are so sensitive, and can not take a joke. I am sorry that you are 5 foot 2 inches tall, and have still missed weight several times. There is no benefit fighting a boring wrestler that can’t make weight.

Elliott in response to a fan who brought up Cejudo’s higher ranking as a reason to fight Cejudo who’s ranked above him at 125-pounds:

So! Rankings mean dick in this game, I move up by winning fights, if I’m fighting at 125 it’s because it’s an exciting fight. I’m not killin myself to make 125 against a boring fighter who might miss weight

Cejudo: It’s sad bro when sum 1 will turn down an instant title shot chance & a payday . This division is its own worst enemy. This is what the @ufc is coming 2. @TElliott125 goto Pyeongchang if you gonna skate from top 5 competition @Mickmaynard2

Elliott: You could lobby for a title fight right now lol!

Cejudo: Dude you are just plan out scared. Tryout for the Kansas City Chiefs cheerleading team since you like tie-dye skirts.

Since the finale of TUF 24 which each man fought on, each has gone 2-2. But for Elliott, his last fight took place at 135-pounds and as he mentioned above, is where he would prefer to continue fighting unless against an “exciting fighter” at flyweight.

Do you think this would be a fun fight? Who would you have coming out on top?


This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 2/12/2018.


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