Tim Elliott vents frustration after the UFC refuses to comp his family tickets for tonight’s event

By Chris Taylor - June 3, 2023

Former flyweight title challenger Tim Elliott is not happy after the UFC refused to comp his family tickets for tonight’s event in Las Vegas.

Tim Elliott

Elliott (18-12-1 MMA) is scheduled to take on Victor Altamirano (12-2 MMA) on the main card of tonight’s UFC Vegas 74 event (see the lineup here).

The fight card is taking place at the UFC Apex, which of course holds a limited capacity of seats for fight fans and media.

While attendance is limited, Tim Elliott assumed that he would have no issues getting his family into the venue to watch him compete. The 36-year-old had multiple family members fly out for his fight, but unfortunately, they were snubbed tickets by the world’s leading mixed martial arts promotion.

Elliott recently took to Twitter where he vented his frustrations on the subject.

“Like fighting at the apex isn’t bad enough, now we don’t get our comp tickets for our family. Literally the only support the fighters can get in this building is taken away! It would have been nice to know before flying people to Vegas..” – Elliott wrote.

Tim Elliott has of course been in the headlines over the past couple of weeks, this after he went public with accusations that his ex-wife Gina Mazany cheated on him with his close friend and training partner, Kevin Croom.

The former UFC flyweight title challenger explained his decision to air his dirty laundry earlier this week.

“The thing is, I was the only one wearing it. My ex and the person that she is with now, they were living in my city, dating, and being cool. Everybody thought we separated because she said I wanted to force her to move to Texas, I don’t even know what the reasons were, but it wasn’t the reasons that were the real reasons,” Elliott said at UFC Vegas 74 media day. “I’d then come to my city, where I live, where my home is at and people were telling me they heard me and Gina split because of this, and in every interview, they were asking me, how’s Gina, how are you guys doing and I was lying and making up excuses to protect these guys. Every time I did that, it was hurting me, after it got out there nobody was asking me anymore.”

What do you make of the news that the UFC refused to comp Tim Elliott’s family with tickets to tonight’s event in Las Vegas?


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