Tom Aspinall says Francis Ngannou should’ve beaten his training partner Tyson Fury: “I couldn’t believe it. I’m still shocked.”

By Cole Shelton - October 31, 2023

Tom Aspinall thinks Francis Ngannou should have gotten his hand raised over Tyson Fury.

Tom Aspinall

Aspinall is a longtime training partner of Fury and a close friend of his, but the UFC heavyweight contender admits he was shocked to see how Fury vs. Ngannou played out. Tyson Fury entered the fight as a massive betting favorite, as many, including Aspinall, expected him to cruise to a win.

However, the fight played out far from that, as Francis Ngannou dropped Tyson Fury and made it very competitive. Ultimately, when the final bell rang, many were torn on who won, but the judges gave Fury the split decision win. It was a shocking result, and Tom Aspinall admitted he couldn’t believe what he was watching.

“Shocking. Absolutely shocking. As someone who has been around Tyson Fury for a long time, I couldn’t believe it. I’m still shocked. I watched a couple of highlights again this morning… You’ve just got to give maximum respect to Francis Ngannou for what he’s done,” Tom Aspinall said to TalkSport. “To have that belief in himself, his whole story is inspiring. Like, he’s come from where he’s come from, sacked the UFC off and took the money. Everybody thought he was going to lose, let’s be honest. Including me, I thought he was going to get smashed. And he did amazing, fair play to him.”

Not only was Tom Aspinall surprised by how well Francis Ngannou boxed, but he actually believes ‘The Predator’ beat Tyson Fury and should have gotten the win.

“It’s hard to say because I don’t know boxing judging as well as I know MMA judging, but I personally thought Ngannou won,” Tom Aspinall said. “Like I say, I might be wrong. I don’t know the judging that well.”

Aspinall is far from the only person to think Ngannou beat Fury. But, it is a surprise to hear him say it given he is training partners with Fury.


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