Former UFC champion Tyron Woodley calls out Logan Paul

By Fernando Quiles - August 6, 2023

Former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley is calling for a boxing match with Logan Paul.

Tyron Woodley and Logan Paul

Paul’s brother, Jake Paul, had two boxing matches with Woodley. Jake defeated “The Chosen One” both times, with the rematch ending in a knockout. Woodley is open to dabbling into another boxing match with a Paul brother, but this time it’s Logan.

Tyron Woodley Wants Logan Paul Boxing Match

Tyron Woodley spoke to TMZ Sports and made it clear that a boxing match against Logan Paul is an idea that intrigues him.

“You know, I didn’t think about that. Damn, that’s a good idea,” Woodley said. “Logan, what’s crackin’? You was talkin’ mad s*** while I was fighting your brother and I almost kicked your Polaroid off the boxing ring because he was distracting the fight, talking and hitting the canvas and taking pictures.

“So, if y’all wanna do it again and flip the coin, let’s get it cracking … I was about to get to training anyway, let’s get it in.”

This isn’t the first time Woodley has spoken about Logan Paul. Back in 2019, Tyron Woodley told TMZ Sports that he wouldn’t be surprised if the UFC brought Paul on the active roster.

“The exact YouTubers that are watching his stuff are the same ones that are watching the UFC. He has a huge following. Great deal. He looks athletic, he’s a Division I wrestler, he’s insane, and he’s going to talk a lot of sh*t so the press conferences are going to be insane. After this last event, I wouldn’t be surprised in the next two months we see some breaking news of Logan Paul getting a couple-fight deal with the UFC.”

While Paul isn’t a fighter under the UFC banner, he did strike a deal with the promotion. Paul’s energy drink, Prime, is the official energy drink of the UFC.


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