Alexander Volkanovski responds to “Korean Zombie” callout

Alex Volkanovski, Chan Sung Jung, Korean Zombie
Image: @ufc on Instagram

UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski has responded to a recent callout from “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung.

Volkanovski is riding the momentum of a successful defense against the former champion Max Holloway, which he earned with a closely contested decision at UFC 251.

After the fight, Jung was quick to criticize Volkanovski’s win, and vowed to end the champion’s title reign.

“I am responding to yesterday’s title match against Volkanovski and Holloway,” Jung wrote on Instagram. “To be honest, it is shameful that Volkanovski is a champion of my weight class. Give him to me then you don’t need to worry about the judges decision. As you know, I won’t let the judges decide the result of my fight. I will finish him at the title match and that is what UFC fans want to watch.”

It didn’t take Volkanovski long to respond to this jab. The champion reminded that Jung is currently linked to a grudge match with former featherweight title challenger Brian Ortega. He encouraged the Korean to settle his score with Ortega in order to assert himself as the true No. 1 contender.

“He’s probably just trying to hype the fight up but I think he needs to fight Brian Ortega,” Volkanovski told ESPN. “I think that’s what they plan on doing. And again, I want the number one contenders. You go out there and you take out Brian Ortega, I’m sure everyone’s gonna be screaming your name and I’m gonna be there waiting. 100 percent.”

Jung and Ortega had a heated run-in at a recent UFC event, with Ortega ultimately slapping one of of Jung’s friends. Volkanovski, showing an increasing willingness to talk trash, suggested that another slap might be just what his Korean rival needs.

“I don’t know, maybe he’s got one of his boys writing some stuff for him again,” Volkanovski continued. “Straight after my last fight, he started — or one of his teammates or manager — starting getting lippy, and started carrying on and then one of them got slapped for it and then they went quiet. Brian Ortega gave them a good slapping and they stopped talking for awhile. Maybe they need another good slapping to keep them quiet.”

Does a fight between Alexander Volkanovski and The Korean Zombie interest you?

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