Ali Abdelaziz reacts to Jones and Masvidal contract issues: “None of my fighter’s under an 8 fight deal”

Ali Abdelaziz

MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz recently shared his thoughts on Jon Jones and Jorge Masvidal’s contract issues.

In recent weeks, tensions between the UFC and its top athletes has reached an all-time high. “Bones” slammed the organization for lying about contract negotiations for a Francis Ngannou mega-fight. He also announced that he is not being paid enough for his fights and threatened to vacate his light heavyweight title. Masvidal shared similar sentiments by claiming he felt undervalued by the UFC.

The promotion’s president Dana White responded by saying athletes simply don’t need to fight if they are so unhappy with their contracts.

“These guys can do whatever they want. They can say whatever they want,’ White said. “I had a big thing the other day with a reporter about fighter pay, they can come out and tell you what they make any day of the week. They can do any of that stuff. These guys can do whatever they want. They don’t have to fight We’re not begging people to fight. We’re offering fights because in our contract, I have to give you three fights a year. I owe you three fights a year. You have the ability to turn them down and not take them. So, they can do whatever they want.”

Speaking on Twitter, Ali Abdelaziz insinuated that Masvidal and Jones didn’t negotiate their contracts effectively.

“It’s up to us to sign 8 fight deal or not? None of my fighters under an 8 fight deal,” Abdelaziz said on social media.”

Welterweight standout Nordine Taleb shared his agreement with Ali Abdelaziz.

“I agree with you,” he told Abdelaziz. “I have always been under a 4 fights contract because (as a self manager) that’s what I’ve always asked and that’s what I had all my UFC career.”

What do you make of Ali Abdelaziz’s comments and the UFC’s recent disputes with fighters over their contracts?

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