Ali Abdelaziz took a jab at Tony Ferguson’s jiu-jitsu skills following UFC 256 loss to Charles Oliveira

Ali Abdelaziz

MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz took a jab at Tony Ferguson’s jiu-jitsu skills following his lopsided UFC 256 loss to Charles Oliveira.

Ferguson was completely dominated for 15 minutes by Oliveira in the co-main event of UFC 256, with the majority of the bout being contested on the ground. Oliveira was not able to score the submission victory but he was able to control the positions on the mat and was able to nearly tap Ferguson with an armbar in the first round. Even without the finish, Oliveira showed that he is the best Brazilian jiu-jitsu player in MMA once again in the fight, while Ferguson showed massive holes in his grappling defense.

Taking to social media following the bout, Abdelaziz couldn’t help but take a jab at Ferguson. Remember, Abdelaziz is the manager of both UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov as well as Justin Gaethje, so Ferguson has a long history with him. It’s no surprise, then, to see Abdelaziz take a shot at Ferguson for his showing. Check out below what Abdelaziz wrote on his Twitter about Ferguson’s performance.

Black belt VS White belt

Ferguson has now lost two straight fights to Gaethje and to Oliveira, and at this point, he is at the crossroads of his MMA career. Ferguson was given the benefit of a doubt by many following his loss to Gaethje, but after getting dominated again by Oliveira, it’s hard to say he’s the same guy he once was just a few years ago. Although Ferguson was one of the top lightweights in the world for many years, he has now lost two straight fights where he lost every single round. Like Abdelaziz suggested, Ferguson’s ground game was exploited in this fight, so it’s hard to say what’s next.

Do you agree with Ali Abdelaziz about Tony Ferguson’s jiu-jitsu skills?

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