Brandon Gibson claims Jon Jones is more powerful, explosive, creative, dynamic than the two other UFC heavyweight champions he’s coached

By Harry Kettle - August 16, 2022

Brandon Gibson has made a few bold claims regarding the progress and imminent comeback of UFC star Jon Jones.

Jon Jones

It’s been well over two years now since we last saw Jon Jones inside the Octagon. The veteran, and light heavyweight GOAT, has been on an extended hiatus after announcing his intention to make a permanent switch up to heavyweight from 205 pounds.

The expectation has long since been that he’d take on Stipe Mocic in his heavyweight debut but as of this writing, nothing has been confirmed by the promotion.

Brandon Gibson, who has continued to see Jones grow at Jackson Wink in recent times, has used a recent interview to build the hype surrounding the return of ‘Bones’.

“His weight is up there right now, and it’s much more than 25 pounds,” Gibson said. “So, he is hitting extremely hard and extremely accurate and technical, and fast. I’ve trained a lot of amazing heavyweights. I trained [Andrei] Arlovski and [Alistair] Overeem and Frank Mir and Travis Browne, and Jon Jones is more powerful, explosive, creative, dynamic than all of ‘em. So, I can’t wait to see Jon make that walk at heavyweight. It’s gonna be something truly, truly special, and I’m humbled to be a part of it.”

“We’re not trying to show our sharpest work, right? Jon sometimes just likes to throw up a combination, kind of let everybody see where he’s at. But we’re not going for a speed record or some power record right now,” the JacksonWink striking coach continued. “All we care about is being ready when the bell rings on fight night. So, I think it’s cool when he shares a little snippet of that, but I don’t let any fans’ critique of Jon’s mitt work get to me at all, cause I know how it feels. I know how fast he is. I know how focused and dedicated he’s been the last two and a half years working towards this goal.”

Quotes via MMA Mania

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