Brendan Schaub blasts judging after Holly Holm’s loss to Ketlen Vieira: “How many fighters have to be f*cked over?”

By Josh Evanoff - May 24, 2022

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub has blasted MMA judges following Holly Holm’s defeat to Ketlen Vieira.

Brendan Schaub

Last Saturday night, the two women’s bantamweight contenders were the main event of UFC Vegas 55. The bout itself was quite close, however, many believed Holm was winning into the championship rounds. Vieira’s own coach, Andre Pederneiras echoed that sentiment before round five.

Despite that, Vieria went on to win the bout via split decision. Following the bout, Holm stated that she believed she won. Other notable figures in the MMA world such as Daniel Cormier, also stated that the judging was off that night in Las Vegas.

It’s safe to say that Brendan Schaub is among those who disagreed with the decision as well. The fighter-turned-podcaster discussed Holly Holm’s loss to Ketlen Vieira on The Schaub Show. There, he blasted the judges for the main event of UFC Vegas 55.

Schaub also blasted the lack of action being taken on poor MMA judges. He pointed to how fighters, media, and even Dana White constantly criticize the judging but never do anything about it.

Ketlen Vieira, Holly Holm

“When you say it out loud, how insane is it that the MMA fanbase goes, ‘that’s judging’. How long are you guys going to do that for? Man, how long are we going to entertain this? How many fighters need to be f*cked over? They have families, kids, training camps, coaches, a mortgage, rent, leases on cars, food, everything.”

Brendan Schaub continued, “How many fighters have been f*cked over? Go through the list, every fight card this is an issue. Every time the MMA community, the experts, the owners go, ‘that’s judging’, when you say it out loud how insane is this? How insane is it, how long do we let this go for? How long you want to do this for everybody?”

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