Chael Sonnen believes former UFC champion Rafael dos Anjos has “lost his mind”

Chael Sonnen

MMA fighter turned analyst Chael Sonnen is convinced that Rafael Dos Anjos has “lost his mind”.

During a recent interview, the Brazilian star revealed that he is currently on the last fight of his UFC contract and is waiting to see if the UFC will resign him.

Sonnen called him out for his lack of certainty and self-assurance.

“RDA just did an interview that he put out,” Sonnen said on his Youtube channel. “I disagree with everything he said, and guess what? Before you think I’m taking a tone with RDA, RDA took a tone with RDA. I’m upset that RDA is down in the dumps about himself.

“It sounds like you might need a little help here from the fans. He comes out and does an interview, he doesn’t talk about anything he needs, he doesn’t talk about any of his accomplishments. He even goes as far as to say, he doesn’t have the right to call anybody out because he’s coming off a loss.”

Dos Anjos is coming off two losses against top-ranked opponents, Michael Chiesa and Leon Edwards. Nevertheless, he has one of the most impressive resumes in UFC history which Sonnen was quick to remind him of.

“Excuse me RDA! You’re the champion of the world, that doesn’t go away my friend,” Sonnen said. “You have the right to do any damn thing you want. You have earned that right. RDA signed with the company in 2008. He started out at 155 pounds fighting absolutely anybody, and believe me, he fought everybody.

“He fought Khabib before Khabib was Khabib! He fought Eddie Alvarez when nobody wanted to fight Eddie Alvarez, [and] won himself a world championship. He signed to fight Conor McGregor. He went out and did anything that was asked for him, then he moves up to 170 pounds and tries to go after another championship—by the way, fighting anybody that asked him to fight including Usman! Including Covington!

“Yeah RDA you pr*ck, you’re not going to win all those fights. Nobody has had a harder roster dealt to them in the history of MMA that RDA has. If you dispute that, go look at his record, guys.

Hopefully, Chael Sonnen’s words of wisdom will provide a much-needed confidence boost to the UFC veteran. Watch the MMA analyst’s full rant above.

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