Chael Sonnen suggests new matchup for Tony Ferguson since “Poirier doesn’t want the opportunity”

Tony Ferguson
Image: @TonyFergusonxt on Instagram

Chael Sonnen has a new matchup in mind for Tony Ferguson now that a fight with Dustin Poirier is seemingly off the table.

For many weeks, Poirier and Ferguson were linked to a fight at UFC 254 on October 24. Regrettably, the matchup fell through when Poirier and the UFC couldn’t agree on the size of his prize.

“The UFC and I didn’t come to terms,” Poirier told ESPN. “I will not be fighting on October 24.

“I just need to be compensated if they want this fight. Simple as that.” Poirier added. “I’m a prizefighter and the prize needs to be right.”

While Poirier admitted that he was still open to accepting this fight at a later date, UFC President Dana White subsequently announced that he was working on “another fight” for Ferguson.

Sonnen has an idea in mind for that alternate matchup.

“I think you have a couple of likely suspects,” Sonnen said while discussing potential Ferguson opponents in a video posted to his YouTube channel.

“Dan Hooker,” he added later, revealing his pick. “Dan Hooker versus Tony Ferguson.”

Sonnen went on to explain why he feels this is an opportunity Hooker deserves:

“We’re in a sport in a space that is about being given an opportunity,” he said. “You are given nothing else in this sport except an opportunity. Could you imagine Hooker goes out there, he comes up short against Poirier, Poirier doesn’t want the opportunity [against Ferguson] for whatever reason, Hooker goes and takes it. Hooker ends up getting the opportunity even though he lost his previous match, because the guy that won the match doesn’t want it. That’s the way sports work. If you are in a tournament and you don’t show up to the mat, there is now a forfeit and that other person will move on.

“If I were to predict who will be called and offered that fight [with Ferguson]—it’s purely a prediction, I haven’t talked to anyone at all—I would like to go ahead and float the idea past you, see what you think of Ferguson versus Hooker.”

Are you with Chael Sonnen on this? Should the UFC book a fight between Dan Hooker and Tony Ferguson?

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