Chris Weidman shares latest health update after leg break at UFC 261

By Adam D Martin - May 4, 2021

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman shared his latest health update after breaking his leg against Uriah Hall at UFC 261.

Chris Weidman

In what was one of the most horrific injuries we have ever seen in the Octagon, Weidman broke his leg when he threw a leg kick that was checked by Uriah Hall. Immediately after throwing the kick, Weidman went down in pain and had to be stretchered out of the Octagon and taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. Fortunately, surgery went well and Weidman is expected to make a full recovery in six-to-12 months. But right now in the early days of his leg break, it has been extremely painful for him as he told his fans.

Taking to his social media to provide his latest health update, Chris Weidman explained how he is currently feeling a week after his leg broke against Hall at UFC 261.

“I figured this would have been kind of like other surgeries I’ve had in the past where the first three or four days kind of suck and then it just gets better from there but to be honest with you, the first three or four days were probably the best days I’ve had,” Weidman said. “Maybe the anesthesia was still in me and the inflammation may have been helping with some of the pain because – how many days am I out? Eight days out, something like that, from the surgery – after the three/four days, it was just super painful. I’m just literally sleeping all day. I was really trying not to take the oxycodone, I was just taking Tylenol and ibuprofen and then at certain points throughout the day I may have taken an oxycodone if I really needed it,” Weidman said in the video (h/t

“The pain getting up to go to the bathroom or anything like that is so bad. When I have to go to the bathroom it takes such willpower and preparation mentally to get up because as soon as I start standing – well I don’t stand on the leg but on my crutches – the blood just starts pooling by my shin and my foot and just it is definitely brutal.”

We here at hope Chris Weidman makes a full recovery.


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