Coach Firas Zahabi explains why Georges St-Pierre is ‘greatest mixed martial artist of all time’

Firas Zahabi, Georges St-Pierre
Image: @firas_zahabi on Instagram

Georges St-Pierre has called it a career. The Canadian mixed martial arts legend officially announced his retirement from the sport at a Thursday morning press conference.

Tristar head coach Firas Zahabi, who served as St-Pierre’s chief handler, feels the former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion ended his career perfectly.

“This is a storybook ending, a perfect career,” told MMA Fighting.

“[I’ve known for] a long time. I think Georges has been on the fence a long time also. I think he’s had mixed feelings. But it’s time. Going back right now it would just be crazy at this point. He is in great shape, he is in incredible health, and his skills are better than before. But it’s time. When you’re fighting, you’re playing with fire. Fighting is a different animal than other sports. Health above all, and now is the time to make sure he stays healthy.”

In Zahabi’s eyes, Georges St-Pierre retires as the clear-cut Greatest of All Time in MMA. The renowned coach reminds that St-Pierre avoided that losses that have plagued many other legends in the late phases of their career. He also never failed a drug test.

“Georges St-Pierre is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time,” Zahabi said. “All the other candidates up there have either lost or had problems passing the USADA test. For me, you fail the USADA test you are eliminated from the rankings. Georges has been on the cleanest, most successful win streak than anybody in MMA history. I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

What do you think of Zahabi’s assessment of Georges SSt-Pierre?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 2/22/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM