Cody Stamann says judges did him wrong, wants UFC to make things right

By Adam D Martin - December 8, 2019

UFC bantamweight contender Cody Stamann believes the judges did him wrong at UFC Washington, D.C. and now he wants the UFC to make things right.

Cody Stamann

Stamann and Song Yadong fought to a controversial majority draw, with the judges scoring the bout 29-27 Stamann, 28-28 and 28-28. Those score tallies include a one-point deduction to Yadong in the first round for an illegal knee, meaning Stamann would have actually lost a split decision had referee Kevin Mulhall not taken that point away. Instead, he ended up with a draw, though many observers felt Stamann did enough to win.

Most fans and media watching believed that Stamann did enough to win at least two rounds and therefore should have won a unanimous decision. In fact, on the website, 10 out of the 14 media scores tallied had Stamann winning the fight, with the other four having it a draw. No media member outright scored it for Yadong.

Stamann is now happy with the majority draw, however. In a Twitter rant posted after the fight, Stamann said that he wants the UFC to make things right because he thinks he got done dirty by the judges.

Here’s what Stamann tweeted.

“I took a dangerous fight against the best up and coming guy in the division, and clearly won. The judges did me wrong tonight and I want the @ufc to make it right. I earned that money. @TeamIridiumISA @IridiumSports @seanshelby @danawhite @Mickmaynard2”

Since he mentioned the financial aspect of the fight, one would have to assume that Stamann wants the UFC to pay him his win bonus. The promotion has done that in the past when UFC president Dana White and the matchmakers thought a certain fighter had won and the judges ripped them off. But that happened more under the old Fertitta regime and now under the new Endeavor ownership group.

That being said, Stamann may get a rematch due to the controversial scoring. Both Stamann and Yadong are both trying to get ahead in the crowded UFC bantamweight division, and with the fight being scored a majority draw, perhaps a rematch is the way to go here, in order to decide once and for all who the better man is.

Do you think Cody Stamann got robbed by the judges at UFC DC?


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