Colby Covington took a major shot at Alistair Overeem prior to his fight with Walt Harris

By Harry Kettle - May 16, 2020

Controversial UFC star Colby Covington took it upon himself to take a shot at Alistair Overeem prior to his main event fight this evening.

Colby Covington

“Chaos” has been looking to return to the cage ever since he was humbled in his UFC Welterweight Championship clash against Kamaru Usman, which was a fight that left him with a fractured jaw.

Now, he spends a good portion of his time on social media going after a variety of different fighters and MMA personalities – and the aforementioned Overeem wasn’t immune in the hours leading up to his meeting with Walt Harris.

“The stars have aligned in Jacksonville tonight – we can make money while feeling good doing it. Why? Because we’re betting on America, and we’re betting against that steroid-using, horse-eating Dutch boy Ubereem. So go stimulate the economy, be an American patriot, go bet Walt Harris and make those bank accounts great again.”

Covington has, at times, been accused of allowing his gimmick to get in the way of his judgment – and some would argue that’s exactly what’s happened again here. While he may or may not have anything personal to say against Overeem, he still inserted himself into the conversation and turned some heads in the MMA world, which he does better than most.

In the end, as we all witnessed, his betting prediction didn’t quite pay off for him as Overeem was the one who had his hand raised with a great comeback win over Walt Harris. Covington will live to fight another day, but we can’t imagine the Dutch star himself would let him off the hook if he was in a room with the welterweight sensation.

Colby Covington continues to search for another opponent with many fans believing that he’s still only one or two big victories away from securing another shot at Usman.


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