Cris Cyborg accuses UFC of influencing biased Joe Rogan commentary

By Natasha Hooper - August 2, 2019

Joe Rogan stirred up some controversy at UFC 240, especially for his commentary of the co-main event, which pitted Cris Cyborg against Felicia Spencer.

Cris Cyborg

Cyborg beat the previously undefeated Felicia Spencer to a unanimous decision win after three rounds. Despite Cyborg bouncing back with a solid victory, Rogan spoke highly of her rival, Felicia Spencer, to the dismay of many fans. As a result, Cyborg felt Rogan’s commentary was biased.

During an interview on The Score, veteran Canadian reporter James Lynch said to the former 145-pound champ: “The commentary was very biased towards Felicia. Do you think the UFC told Joe Rogan to talk that way to damage your brand a little bit?”

“For sure for sure, they work together,” Cyborg responded.

“The commentator has a lot of influence like the UFC have a lot of influence, because they have a lot of media behind it, like Dana White. But you have to be real, you can not be on people’s side because ‘I like my favourite fighter so I’m going to help this guy,” she added.

Cyborg’s comments add to the rising tensions between herself and the UFC. She has accused Dana White of bullying her in the past, lying about her, and even calling her “Wanderlei Silva in a dress”.  She is also not the biggest fan of Joe Rogan as he made fun of Justino having a di** on a podcast episode. Despite Rogan previously apologizing for the joke, Cyborg believes Rogan’s commentary of Felicia Spencer has confirmed the negative bias he has towards her.

“The MMA world works like this,” she said. “When I started training, I didn’t know about all these things. I just figured it out now. It’s sad. But you [should] do your job as a commentator. Do your best, but do your best and don’t pick sides. Just watch the fight and speak real, but these people don’t speak real and aren’t honest.”

Rogan has been vocal in the past about disagreements he has with Dana or the UFC and proclaims he speaks independently and honestly. However, do you think was intentionally undermining Cris Cyborg because he has greater respect for Felicia Spencer?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 8/2/2019.


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