Dan Hardy vs. Diego Sanchez boxing match nixed from Ricky Hatton undercard: “It kind of feels like the universe is kind of telling you something”

By Susan Cox - November 9, 2022

The Dan Hardy vs Diego Sanchez boxing match has been nixed from the Ricky Hatton undercard.

Dan Hardy, Dustin Poirier

Yes, it was to be UFC veterans Dan Hardy vs Diego Sanchez this coming weekend in a exhibition boxing match at the AO Arena in Manchester, England.

Hardy, (25-10 MMA) the former welterweight, hasn’t fought since 2012 when he defeated Amir Sadollah (6-5 MMA) via unanimous decision. Following that match, doctors determined Hardy suffered from WPWS syndrome which is classified as a heart condition.

‘The Outlaw’ made the move to boxing and secured a bout with Diego Sanchez back in July of this year on the Ricky Hatton vs. Marco Antonio Barrera undercard, but that match got delayed until November 12th. Now, his boxing match is officially off.

Dan Hardy spoke to ‘Submission Radio’ about the cancellation of the match (h/t MMAMania):

“So, basically the card was picked up by Sky Sports. And they decided that they wanted the Hatton vs. Barrera (undercard) fights off the card and to add all the rest of their own fights to it. Cause obviously they got a deal with Boxer and they’ve got loads of fighters signed to their management team.”

Continuing Hardy expressed his disappointment saying:

“So yeah, they basically just took the Hatton vs. Barrera fight, and they canceled the rest of the fights. I’ve had a bit of a chat with Diego about it. Of course, he was disappointed as well, but you know, it’s the fight game. It’s chaotic at the moment, and with new promoters getting into the businesses, I think sometimes they buy themselves a bit more than they can chew, and I think that’s what happened. I hope it goes really well. But, aside from following Ricky Hatton’s Instagram, I’m not really hearing anything about it.”

“My Mum said it kind of feels like the universe is kind of telling you something here — maybe it is. Maybe I’m just clinging onto something. But to be honest, I’m still feeling great, I still feel in good condition, my mind’s sharp, and there are a couple of options for the new year. Yeah, there’s a couple of options, couple of people’s names I’ve got in mind.”

Speaking about what he’s being doing since his time with the UFC, Dan Hardy said:

“But to be honest, I’m just kind of going with what comes to me at the moment. I’m so busy with the YouTube channel, with the new project that’s coming up in the new year. That’s gonna be incredible. That might give me an opportunity to compete again as well in Mixed Martial Arts. I’m taking things in stride a bit more.”

“I’ve had so many curve balls these last six months. It’s been a bit of stressful ride. But I’m sitting here today in front of you with a smile on my face, and I’m feeling very positive about the new year. Very, very positive.”

Concluding the 40-year-old Englishman provided a bit of a teaser:

“I’ve had another contract come through. It’s not a fight contract, but it is a contract within mixed martial arts for a new job. So, I can’t say any more about it, but it’s gonna keep me busy for the next couple of years. I’m very excited.”

Were you planning on watching Hardy vs Sanchez this weekend? Would you like to see Dan Hardy make a comeback?

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