Dana White announces the UFC will build a hotel by HQ to be completely self-sufficient

By Natasha Hooper - August 26, 2020

Dana White has rapid expansion plans for the UFC and that even includes creating the first UFC hotel.

Dana White, Jake Paul

The UFC president is attempting to grow the company on a global scale by building more UFC gyms, signing more partnership deals, and hosting more international events (especially when not in the midst of a pandemic).

Part of his plan includes adding to the company’s Las Vegas HQ by building a hotel near to the UFC headquarters, UFC Performance Institute and the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is unclear when the hotel will be created, but the news was confirmed by MMAJunkie, John Morgan.

“I don’t even know if you guys know this, but f-ck it, I’ll tell you anyway,” White told reporters following Tuesday’s Dana White’s Contender Series event at the UFC Apex. “We just bought 10 acres over here, too. We’ve got another 10 acres now. More stuff coming soon.”

When questioned on what “more stuff” fans and fighters can expect to see soon, White elaborated.

“We’re going to build our own hotel,” he said. “We’ll be completely self-sufficient.”

The UFC president then confirmed that the building will be purpose-built for fighters, and will not be a commercial destination for the public. It will house fighters, their teammates, and will be a hosting ground for additional events.

“It will be more designed for fighters,” White said. “Just like the Apex was designed for fighting and putting on special events, this place would be designed exactly for what our needs are in a hotel.”

This will allow the UFC to house their fighters in the run-up to their fights. It will hopefully provide athletes with greater facilities for their weight-cutting and pre-fight preparations. It will also provide some operational convenience for overcoming safety hurdles presented by the coronavirus pandemic. The organization’s fighters had to swap their usual luxury hotel stays in exchange for budget hotels like the Holiday Inn, so that they could adhere to the current safety measures effectively. A UFC hotel will allow the organization to bypass a lot of the current challenges. Due to the added stress of the pandemic, and the current demand from fans to see live sport, White believes now is the perfect time to push forward with the hotel.

“Obviously with what’s going on right now, our own hotel would pay for itself real quickly,” White said.

The UFC president predicts the building will be completed by next year.


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