Dana White claims Michael Bisping didn’t fool any doctors with fake eye

By Natasha Hooper - October 15, 2019

Dana White doesn’t believe that Michael Bisping could pull the wool over the eyes of doctors after it was revealed that he has a prosthetic eye.

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Much to the shock of the internet, Michael Bisping took out his prosthetic eye in a clip that has since gone viral. On his MMA podcast, Believe You Me, the former middleweight champion peeled out his prosthetic eye and said, “That’s why I used to wear f*****g sunglasses baby boy!”

“My vision (in my right eye) was pretty much non-existent since 2013,” said Bisping.

“I was just about able to scrape past the medicals. It was definitely touch and go. I was always terrified of doing a full training camp, then being turned away by the commission doctor.

“It was difficult. To pass the medical test, you’ve got to have 20-200 vision, which is classed as clinically blind anyway, so it’s not very good – it’s not a very hard mark to pass. Some days I could, some days I couldn’t. But fortunately, I was just able to scrape by.

“People always say, ‘How did you fight with only one eye?’ And I always say, ‘With great f*****g difficulty!’”

The English fighter suffered from eye complications during the peak of his fighting career, making his championship win against Luke Rockhold even more impressive.

During an interview with TMZ Sports, Dana White discussed Bisping passing medical clearance.

“Yeah, I think he did.” laughed White.

“He cleared medicals and he had that surgery and had that problem with his eye and you would never know it. The guy, aside from popping his eyeball out of his head, you would never know that Michael Bisping has an issue. But, before he had the surgery, his eye used to point inward, he got it fixed.”

White didn’t know when Michael Bisping got the prosthetic eye and doesn’t believe that the retired fighter would have been able to get past the discerning eye of the medical examiners.

“Nope, you are not duping the doctors. I mean the doctors are looking into your eyes. Listen, I would hope the doctors realize the difference between an eyeball and a fake eyeball.”



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