Dana White, Oscar De La Hoya go at it on Instagram over Alexander Volkanovski comments

By Adam D Martin - September 28, 2021

UFC president Dana White and boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya went at it on Instagram over the recent Alexander Volkanovski comments.

Oscar De La Hoya, Dana White, Canelo Alvarez

De La Hoya made a comment following UFC 266 last weekend to Volkanovski, suggesting that the UFC featherweight champion is underpaid. White did not like that De La Hoya made the comments that he did about a fighter he has under contract, and the UFC president shot back, suggesting that De La Hoya faked getting COVID-19 in order to get out of his Triller Fight Club boxing match against Vitor Belfort earlier this month. We all know that White and De La Hoya do not see eye-to-eye and this is just another example.

Following their back-and-forth argument about Volkanovski and White’s comments at the UFC 266 post-fight press conference, White and De La Hoya went at it on Instagram.

Oscar De La Hoya: That’s all you got Dana White? You’re accusing me of FAKING a virus that killed almost 700,000 Americans to avoid a fight??? You pathetic piece of sh*t you’ve never even laced up the gloves. And you completely ignored my original point I made about UNDERPAYING YOUR FIGHTERS.

Dana White: Don’t worry about Volkanovski, you clown. He has a team of very intelligent, sophisticated people behind him and he’s clearly doing very well for himself. If he needs to be an 8-ball then maybe he will reach out to you for some guidance. It’s no secret you’re a liar, drug addict, and all-around scumbag. It doesn’t matter if you ‘laced up gloves’ and there is no doubt you accomplished big things in boxing, but out of the ring, you’re an absolute f*cking loser. When you were a one-and-done MMA promoter you lied about what Chuck and Tito would make and then paid everyone sh*t!!! You didn’t even take the time to learn the names of the fighters on your cards. So f*ck off. Leave the fight promoting to me. And do the whole world and fight Vitor Belfort so we can all watch you go to sleep!”

What do you think of this back-and-forth between Dana White and Oscar De La Hoya?


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