Daniel Cormier signs off on Max Holloway’s recent callout of The Korean Zombie: “That’s fun!”

By Josh Evanoff - April 19, 2023

UFC commentator Daniel Cormier is down for Max Holloway vs. The Korean Zombie.

‘Blessed’ returned to the octagon over the weekend to face Arnold Allen. The bout was Holloway’s first since his destructive defeat at the hands of Alexander Volkanovski in their trilogy bout last July. In this outing, the former champion put on a show against the ‘Almighty’.

The two featherweight contenders put on a show last Saturday in the main event of UFC Kansas City. At the end of the five-round classic, it was Holloway who got the nod by unanimous decision. Following the victory, the former titleholder called out Chan Sung Jung. The Korean fighter had been out of the cage since his loss to Alexander Volkanovski last April and later accepted the callout from Holloway.

While some have downplayed the possible matchup, Daniel Cormier is down for the fight. During a recent edition of the DC and RC podcast, the UFC commentator discussed Max Holloway’s win. There, he approved his post-fight callout of The Korean Zombie.

The former light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion stated that given Holloway’s decision to fight Arnold Allen, his callout makes sense. While the Hawaiian is a featherweight contender, Cormier noted that a bout with Zombie is more about having fun than anything else.

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier discusses Max Holloway vs. The Korean Zombie

“The Korean Zombie is one of those guys that people love also,” Daniel Cormier stated on the DC and RC podcast. “Korean Zombie has some big wins in his career too. He beat Dustin Poirier back in the day, he fought for the championship against Jose Aldo. Remember he popped his shoulder out and still fought? Korean Zombie is a savage, so he wants that fight.”

He continued, “I think now, Max taking the Arnold Allen fight shows the company he’ll fight just about anyone. Now, let’s give him one that’s fun. Because I feel that him and the Korean Zombie is an absolutely fun fight that so many people would enjoy. And that is easily a main event of a fight night, or as high as the third fight, or co-main event on a pay-per-view.”

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