Darren Rovell claps back at Dana White for ‘dipsh*t’ remarks about Amanda Nunes: “I’ll debate him in any forum on this topic with data and crush him”

By Susan Cox - December 15, 2021

Sport business analyst Darren Rovell has clapped back at Dana White after the UFC President called him a dipsh*t.

Rovell and White have a storied past. After Amanda Nunes dethroned Cris Cyborg to become the promotions featherweight champion at UFC 232 in Los Angeles, the Action Network producer suggested the outcome would be “brutally damaging to UFC”.

“Between Rousey and Cyborg, Amanda Nunes has singlehandedly killed the most valuable women in the sport. Brutally damaging to UFC. Nunes isn’t in the same marketing ballpark as either of those two.”

Those comments had clearly irritated Dana White who proceeded to lash out at Darren Rovell with the following remarks.

“What’s his name, tonight, what’s that idiots name, that I can’t stand? Darren Rovell. Tweets out, and what the f*ck does Darren Rovell know about fighting number one?” White said at the UFC 232 post-fight press conference. “Ok let’s start with that. He says the UFC got destroyed tonightbecause Cris Cyborg lost Amanda Nunes won and she’s not marketable at all. F*ck. It’s like I’m pretty resilient to this sh*t but oh my god.”

Julianna Pena, Amanda Nunes

Image Credit: @UFC/Instagram

Now following Amanda Nunes’ shocking submission loss to Julianna Pena at UFC 269 (see that here), Dana White took the opportunity to once again express his disdain for the business sports analyst in Rovell.

“I mean, if they would’ve faced off (Amanda Nunes and Kayla Harrison), it would’ve been a massive, you know, mega million-dollar fight. I know the dipsh*t there. What’s his name? The dipsh*t that thinks he knows about this business… Rovell! Darren Rovell, yeah.” Dana White said. “Dipsh*t Darren Rovell said that with Amanda Nunes, we were screwed, she could never be a star, and all these other things. Let me tell you what, if Amanda Nunes had won tonight, the Kayla Harrison fight would be one of the biggest fights that you would’ve ever seen. You know, stay out of our business, dips**t. You know nothing!”

Darren Rovell obviously caught word of Dana White’s post UFC 269 remarks and proceeded to challenge the UFC President to a debate on the subject, this while claiming he would crush him with data.

“Dana is really great at taking shots at 1 in the morning. He might have the potty mouth this forum applauds, but I’ll debate him in any forum on this topic with data and crush him. Name time and place.” – Rovell responded on Twitter.

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