Dominick Reyes believes punishment for Jon Jones arrest should be a rematch

By Natasha Hooper - April 24, 2020

Dominick Reyes wants to be the judge, jury and executioner, as he serves up some overdue justice towards Jon Jones.

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“The Dominator” faced off against the light heavyweight champion in the main event of UFC 247. Jones ultimately claimed the decision victory, but many spectators believed Reyes delivered the stronger performance.

Since then, Jones has been getting into trouble outside of the Octagon. He was arrested in his home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico for driving while intoxicated. This isn’t the first time Jones has been arrested, and the star received little sympathy from his fellow UFC fighters.

Reyes was not surprised by his recent arrest, he was just glad it didn’t happen right before their February fight.

“First thing I thought was, ‘again? What is this guy doing?'” he said in an interview with MMA Fighting’s Mike Heck. “Secondly was, ‘I’m glad it didn’t happen before our fight’, and third was ‘this guy needs some real help.'”

Despite thinking that his former opponent needs help, Reyes did not feel bad for the 32-year old.

“No not at all, I feel bad for a lot of people but definitely not Jon Jones, ever.

“Honestly, I think the punishment should be you’ve got to rematch Dom! That should be the punishment, right?” he laughed. “It makes sense. I’ll serve up some justice, I’m fine with that, let’s do it”.

Jon Jones, Dominick Reyes

Image Credit: @ufc on Instagram (photographer not listed)

Jon Jones has claimed he is no longer interested in fighting Dominick Reyes in a rematch and wants to fight Jan Błachowicz instead. Reyes revealed that the UFC wants the rematch to happen, but Bones was holding up the proceedings.

“That is accurate,” he responded when asked if Jones is holding up a potential rematch.

“It’s a little frustrating. You know, I would have given him a rematch, if the judges would have scored it [UFC 247] right. I’d have been like ‘yeah man, you get the rematch, you deserve it, good fight.’

“But I don’t know, he’s not exactly a standup guy…I don’t expect anything from this guy, I don’t expect any goodness from him. But if we get some, then heck yeah.”

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