Dominick Reyes goes off on “f*cking weirdo” Jon Jones for trash-talking fighters while inactive: “People are getting tired of you”

By Josh Evanoff - October 21, 2022

UFC light-heavyweight contender Dominick Reyes still doesn’t like Jon Jones.

Jon Jones, Dominick Reyes, UFC 247

The two clashed at UFC 247 in February 2020. Despite lopsided odds heading into the contest, Reyes brought the fight to the then-light-heavyweight champion. At the end of the 25-minute contest, it was Jones who retained his title by unanimous decision.

The result was controversial, but there was no hope of a rematch, as ‘Bones’ has been inactive since that fight. Jones has stated that he’s cultivating mass in order to move to heavyweight. While he’s teased the move for years, he seems fully committed to the weight class switch.

Despite not fighting in the cage for some time, the former champion is quite active on social media. Jones regularly goes back and forth with names such as Israel Adesanya, for instance. He’s also gone after several other fighters in the meantime as well on Twitter.

That sort of thing doesn’t sit well with Dominick Reyes. In an interview with Middle Easy, the former title challenger went off on Jon Jones for trash-talking fighters from the sidelines. He also opined that the former champion is currently ruining his legacy.

Jon Jones, Dominick Reyes

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“Talk about a guy full of s*it,” Reyes told Middle Easy. “He’s a f*cking weirdo, man. I don’t like the guy, he’s just weird. He just talks always. Anytime anyone else gets any kind of attention, whether it’s ‘Izzy’ [Israel Adesanya], whether it’s fricking a bantamweight, a featherweight, whoever it is, he wants to chime in like he’s relevant and just talk s***. Anybody’s doing well and they’re speaking about that person, he’s just not cool with it. He’s like, ‘No, I’m the best ever. F*ck you guys.’ (h/t MMAFighting)

“Like, okay, Jon, either retire or fight again. You could have that real conversation and either become somebody like a former greatest of all time and have that clout and walk around as that. But your career is over and you’re just gonna be this guy on the sidelines talking s*it about everybody all the time. People are getting tired of you. I feel like everything he’s doing now and he’s done since our fight has tarnished his legacy.”

Currently, ‘The Devastator’ is set to return against Ryan Spann at UFC 281 next month. For his part, Jones is targeting a move to heavyweight next year against Stipe Miocic or Francis Ngannou.

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