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Dominick Reyes says Jon Jones is “an actual idiot” for criticizing Hollister jeans label

Dominick Reyes has criticized Jon Jones for his outrage over a label at a Hollister Co. store.

Since announcing the decision to vacate his light heavyweight title, Jon Jones has been spending a lot of time on social causes. He has donated to food banks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and has been vocal in his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Most recently, he criticized the clothing company Hollister Co. for what he perceived as a racist label in a store.

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This week he called out the company for their choice of racially insensitive labels on jeans. When visiting the store with his daughters, he shared video of a pair of jeans he spotted with a label that read “Super Skinny Black Negro”. Although “Negro” is the Spanish word for black, the word has negative racial connotations in English, which Jones took issue with.

“I’m totally aware of how to say the word black in Spanish,” Jones wrote in a Tweet that his since been deleted. “I still feel like #Hollister‘s choice of words were insensitive and insulting… Call me sensitive if you want but today I was totally insulted.

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“I know it seems silly to some people but none of the other jeans were labeled anything like that,” Jones added. “I’ll probably stop by tomorrow and make a video to show you an example.”

A fan challenged then challenged Jones on social.

“Do you want the Spanish people not to find their clothes John?” the fan wrote.

Jones responded by saying, “Literally half my friends are ‘Hispanic’. And I’m pretty sure every single one of them, even the ones who don’t read English well could have found those black jeans.”

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However, Jones has since deleted all videos and comments on the issue.

Other fans were divided over the former champion’s comments. One fan wrote: “I am offended that the language of my people offends you.”

Another person who was less than impressed by Jones’ comments was Dominick Reyes, his most recent opponent. “The Devastator” is of Mexican-American heritage and disagreed with Jones reacting negatively to the word.

“Jon Jones is an actual idiot,” Reyes said in a since-deleted tweet. “#Jonwentfull2020 hollister #smh.”

Jones’ last Octagon appearance was against Reyes at UFC 247. The champion successfully defended his belt and won by decision, but many felt that Reyes should have won.

Since then, Reyes and UFC president Dana White have pushed for a possible rematch. Meanwhile, Bones has set his sights on a move up to heavyweight to take on Francis Ngannou. He is currently at odds with the UFC over the possible matchup and pay. This prompted Jones’ online announcement that he would vacate his 205-pound crown—though he still holds the title. It is unclear if the star is bluffing or is truly at his wits end with the UFC.

Do you think it was fair for Jon Jones to be concerned about the label he spotted at a Hollister Co. store?

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