Dominick Reyes wants the UFC to keep Jon Jones after latest arrest so he can ‘beat him up again’

By Cole Shelton - October 7, 2021

Dominick Reyes is hoping the UFC keeps Jon Jones after his latest arrest so he can fight him and beat him up again.

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After Jones was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame for his first fight against Alexander Gustafsson, he was arrested early Friday morning in Las Vegas. He was charged with battery, domestic violence, and injuring and tampering with a vehicle and after the news came public, many wondered if he would fight again. For his last opponent, Dominick Reyes he says he hopes “Bones” gets another fight so he can beat him up again.

“That is definitely not okay, it is not a good look for anyone involved, whether it’s the organization, whether it’s Jon, or whether it’s his family. No matter what, it’s all bad. This isn’t his first offense but that’s up to the orginzation to decide,” Reyes said to James Lynch of Fanatics View. “Me personally, I have this, keep this guy around so I can beat him up again kind of thing. Overall, not a lot of words on it man, it’s just not a good look. Being one of the greatest of all time and doing all that, man, get over it. I don’t understand why.”

Of course, Reyes and Jones fought at UFC 247 in February of 2020 where Jones earned a decision win to defend his belt. However, many thought Reyes shouldd’ve got the decision victory.

Although Dominick Reyes wants to fight Jon Jones again, the former light heavyweight champ is focused on a move to heavyweight. However, Reyes says he’s focused on being at light heavyweifht and wouldn’t be surprised if Jones made his return at 205lbs.

“Well, as my body changes and adapts, I’ll gain more weight and become a bigger person overall, maybe I will end up in the heavyweight division by the end of this whole thing. Right now, I’m a light heavyweight. He was talking about going to light heavyweight, I don’t know man,” Reyes said.

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