Former UFC employees explain how Dana White avoided slap sanctions: “He’s convinced Ari that he has the secret sauce”

By Harry Kettle - January 23, 2023

Former UFC employees have detailed how UFC president Dana White got away without punishment for his New Year’s Eve incident.

Dana White

Ever since footage was released of Dana White striking his wife, there’s been an outcry from the MMA community. While some feel as if it didn’t warrant any kind of repercussions, others believe Dana needs to be reprimanded.

Just one week after the story broke, it was announced that his Power Slap venture would still be going ahead as planned. In addition, White doesn’t seem to believe he needs any extra scrutiny in comparison to the damage he’ll take in his personal life.

In a recent piece released by Front Office Sports, some ex-employees have given their thoughts on why the boss can get away with this.

“Those inside knew nothing was going to happen,” one former UFC employee said. “Dana is that powerful. In any other sport, a league president putting his hands on his wife would lead to immediate action. It’s sad and disgusting at the same time.”

White’s immunity

“He’s convinced Ari that he has the secret sauce,” another former employee said. “Endeavor thinks that there’s nobody but Dana who can run UFC.”

“Dana will tip a doorman of a hotel $1,000, but if anyone comes to his office and asks for a raise, that pisses him off,” another said. “It’s so bizarre. To Dana, money is love. It’s not seen as an instrument to buy goods or services. If you are asking for money, it means you don’t love him. It’s very primitive.”

Quotes via Front Office Sports

Do you believe Dana White will be punished at any point in the future? Is this a bad look for the UFC, especially given the recent premiere of the Power Slap league? Let us know in the comments, BJPENN Nation!


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